The 6 Best Texting Apps for Android Tablets in 2023

Sure, you can text from Google Messages and WhatsApp, but don’t forget about Telegram and others


Texting from an Android tablet is as easy as from an Android phone. Here’s a sampling of the top texting apps for Android tablets.


Many of the best texting apps for Android phones are also available for Android tablets. The apps on this list should work with most Android devices regardless of the manufacturer (Samsung, Google, etc.).

What We Like

  • Supports voice messages and videos.

  • Dark mode for low-light environments.

  • Also available for web browsers.

What We Don’t Like

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If you have an Android phone, you can connect your phone number to your tablet (or computer) with the Google Messages app. That way, you can send SMS and MMS messages from your tablet. Your phone’s usual carrier fees apply.

Google Messages for tablets includes most of the same chat features as the smartphone version, such as attachments, GIFs, stickers, emoji kitchen, and custom notification sounds. Download Google Messages from Google Play if it isn’t preinstalled on your tablet.

Download Google Messages for Android

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

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In addition to text messaging, WhatsApp supports VoIP calls, so you can voice chat so long as both parties have a stable Wi-Fi connection. The map feature allows you to share your GPS location within the app, which makes WhatsApp especially useful when trying to meet up with someone in a new place where you don’t have reliable phone service.

WhatsApp also boasts commonplace features on social networks, such as status messages and an integrated camera with fun filters for sharing photos. Messages are encrypted for extra security; you can choose who can see your status and photos.

Download WhatsApp for Android

What We Like

  • Use on any device.

  • Reply to specific messages in a thread.

  • Group video calls with up to 30 people.

  • Different color themes to choose from.

What We Don’t Like

Featured Link: Our Review of Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service similar to Signal, which isn’t available for Android tablets. Telegram can be used on almost any mobile device or computer, making it one of the most versatile messaging options.

One of the defining features of Telegram is the option to edit and delete messages after you send them. You can also set messages to self-destruct after a designated time. On top of file sharing and location sharing, Telegram also supports voice and video calls with up to 30 participants. You can even make custom stickers on Telegram for others to use.

Download Telegram for Android

What We Like

  • Works just like a normal phone number.

  • Free calls, texts, and picture messaging in the US and Canada.

  • Built-in GIF gallery.

  • Change your phone number whenever you want.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only offers numbers from the US or Canada.

  • Your number expires if not used within 30 days.

  • The best features are behind a paywall.

Talkatone is another VoIP app that lets you make voice calls from your tablet. You get your own phone number (which can be changed at any time) to call any number worldwide, including landlines and cell phones.

The biggest benefit is the person you’re trying to contact doesn’t need the Talkatone app. When you send text or picture messages through Talkatone, it shows up in the recipient’s regular text message inbox. If you pay for Talkatone Plus, you can remove ads and get access to call forwarding, voicemail transcriptions, and unlimited international calls.

Download Talkatone for Android

What We Like

  • Share videos and music via extensions.

  • Send money through the app.

  • Unlimited group messages.

  • Send video messages.

What We Don’t Like

Featured Link: Viber App Review

Viber and WhatsApp have much in common, but Viber boasts a broader selection of stickers and GIFs. Like other VoIP apps, Viber can send text messages and make voice or video calls anywhere over a Wi-Fi connection.

Other features include file attachments, video messages, and a built-in QR code scanner. Viber also has a lot of public and private channels where you can chat with unlimited users worldwide with similar interests.

Download Viber for Android

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Pulse SMS is another versatile messaging app you can use on almost any device. Like the Google Messages app for Android tablets, Pulse SMS connects to your smartphone, allowing you to send messages through your tablet.

The phone version is free, but there’s a small monthly fee to add tablet support. Many users prefer Pulse SMS to the default Android messaging app because it offers greater control over how your messages are organized.

Download Pulse SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if a number is from a texting app?

Sometimes, the caller ID will show the service that created the number. You can also search for the number on a service like White Pages. A texting app number will show up with “Voice Over Internet Provider (VOIP)” as the carrier, rather than showing up as a landline or a cell number.

How do I change the default texting app for Android?

Go to Settings > Default Apps > texting app, and then select the app you want to use as your default. Once you’ve made this change, it will open automatically when you go to share things via text and other activities.

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