Reblog: CTS 061: Wi-Fi For The Non-Profit Community

January 16, 2017 7:25 pm

cts_061Rowell Dionicio has a great Wi-Fi podcast at Clear to Send and interviewed me a few weeks ago about work I have done in volunteering Wi-Fi skills for non-profit organizations. Check out the podcast here and the show notes are listed below that Rowell put on his website. I hope that this podcast will encourage other WLAN engineers to give back by providing their expertise to non-profit organizations that are already providing important services to their communities!

Show Notes:

Glenn Cate, CWNE #181, is our special guest who has done many Wi-Fi projects for the non-profit community. He provides his experience and tips on giving back.

Wi-Fi has become an expected service throughout our communities. From shopping malls to restaurants to businesses to airports to our homes, we are just anticipating using Wi-Fi connections with our smart devices. Yet, there are many organizations that give so much back to our communities that also need Wi-Fi: free health clinics, community service centers, churches and religious organizations, schools and neighborhood centers.

The problem is usually not that Wi-Fi is not important, but that these non-profit organizations do not have the skilled resources or financial backing to install Wi-Fi services. So many times, poorly designed Wi-Fi is installed or no Wi-Fi at all is present. WLAN professionals can give back by providing their skill sets in helping plans and deploying Wi-Fi for non-profit organizations that give so much to our communities.

Projects Glenn Cate has worked on:

  • Church (three buildings)
    • Six APs
    • Server closets
    • Five 24 port unmanaged switches
    • Ethernet pulling/punching down.
  • MS/HS/elementary school of 600+ students (four buildings plus small trailers)
    • Survey sites
    • Vendor AP comparison
    • Pulled/punched down Ethernet cables
    • Deployed APs
    • Initial cloud configuration
    • Knowledge transfer.
  • Several churches
    • Consultation on Wi-Fi uplift and recommendations
  • Church(three buildings)
    • Survey sites
    • Pulled/punched down Ethernet cables
    • Ethernet drops to offices
    • Security appliance configuration
    • AP installation
    • Fiber run to remote building
    • Post validation testing
    • Knowledge transfer.

In this episode, Glenn speaks about getting into the project management side of things including talking to directors, steering committees, and technical resources. A question Glenn answers is how do some of non-profits have the funds to pay for enterprise-grade equipment? You’ll be surprised.

One question I gave to Glenn was what kind of obstacles did he run into while doing the installation? What if the work requires more than just your expertise and manpower?

Lastly, why does Glenn provide his expertise and services for free to non-profits? The reason why is important.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Glenn Cate. If you have any questions please submit a comment below. You can find Glenn Cate on Twitter and on his blog site.

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