Raise the undead in Songs Of Conquest’s newest necromantic campaign, out today

Early access strategy RPG Songs Of Conquest has added its newest necromantic campaign today, letting us raise an army of undead and knock a few bones about. The Barony Of Loth campaign features four singleplayer missions, and similar to the previous campaigns – Arleon and Rana – we’ll be focused on one main faction: the necromancer.

The campaign follows the titular Baron Aldus Of Loth, who stumbles upon a mysterious figure that promises him ancient power. Not suspicious at all. Our Baron accepts the deal, only to discover that you shouldn’t take sweet treats from strangers. The price for great power is (naturally) death, and the Baron soon has to watch his comrades and men at arms reincarnate into skeletons, wraiths, and other undead monstrosities. An understandably traumatic experience, but it expands a cool fact, so overall a net positive.

I’ve yet to try Songs Of Conquest, but I hope the headline image above depicts that fateful encounter. Only because the thought of a ghost rat duping a Baron is a funny one. And I’d quite like to watch how that goes down.

The developers revealed their early access roadmap earlier this year, giving us insight into the next Barya campaign and some other additions. Since entering early access last summer, the team have also added a battlegrounds mode, alongside a map editor which lets you create your own pretty campaigns.

The game was already quite good to start with according to Sin’s Songs Of Conquest review. Even in early access form, Sin recommended the game, although he acknowledged that a year of updates “could well push me into a wholehearted endorsement.”

Songs of Conquest needs some more time in the oven though, as it’s targeting a full release later this year. For now, you can grab Songs Of Conquest on Steam, The Epic Games Store, and GOG.

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