Pokemon Go Plus+ Preorders Are Live At Amazon And Best Buy

You don’t need anything more than your smartphone to play Pokemon Go, but for the Pokefan looking to get some extra fun out of that game and a Pokemon app coming out later this year, the Pokémon Go Plus+ should be on your radar. The Pokemon Go Plus+ is available to preorder now for $55 at Amazon and Best Buy ahead of the gadget’s July 14 release. The Nintendo Store has been sold out for months, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see other retailers selling out, too.

A link between the Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go apps, this compact accessory acts as both a lullaby machine and an alarm clock. Simply press and hold the center button down, place it next to your head, and you’ll get Pikachu to sing you to sleep and wake you up with a cheerful prompt. Pikachu grows friendlier the more you sleep, unlocking more sounds along the way, and you can even collect more Pokemon during your sleeping hours to help complete the sleep Pokedex.

Pokémon Go+
Pokémon Go+

Pokemon Sleep is a game (of sorts) centered around your sleeping habits, which are measured and analyzed as you progress through the game. You’ll be joined by a friendly Snorlax during your first sleeping session, and more Pokemon will join your slumber throughout the night as you collect multiple “sleep styles” along the way.

When you’re out and about, the accessory can be used alongside Pokemon Go to spin PokeStops or throw PokeBalls–as well as Great Balls and Ultra Balls–automatically, and linking the Pokemon Go Plus+ with Pokemon Go will also let you take on special research to catch a Snorlax that wears a nightcap.

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