People are just realizing certain Android phone calls are ruining their battery life and even Google advises hanging up

SMARTPHONE users have just discovered that taking a phone call in a taxi or moving train is draining their battery.

Google even flags this activity as a battery drainer on one of its support pages.

Moving phone calls aren't always a good idea if you want to save battery


Moving phone calls aren’t always a good idea if you want to save batterycredit: Getty

When you’re moving at speed, your smartphone has to work fast to keep you connected.

That’s because it has to switch between mobile networks and frequencies as you travel.

This effort to keep your Android’s connection can consume more of your battery life than if you were just standing or sitting still.

Google includes this in a list of “high-drain activities.”

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The tech company advised against making “phone calls on the move, like in a car” if you want to stretch out your battery charge.

This is because Google recommends avoiding attempts for a constant internet connection if you’re worried about power.

Similar activities you should avoid in this situation include streaming videos or music and using GPS for a long time.

If you have to use your phone while traveling without power sockets, you can invest in a portable charger to help you.

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However, your first move should always be switching to low power mode.

If that’s not enough, there’s always the option to switch Airplane mode on.


Some Android phones come with a battery saver or low power mode, which helps a charge last longer.

Battery Saver Mode can be accessed in the device’s Settings > Battery.

Once there, select Menu > Battery Saver > and tap “On.” The top and bottom of your screen will turn then orange.

When Battery Saver is on, it turns on Android’s dark theme and limits or turns off background activity.

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