Not Quite The Hero Low-End Android Phone Of Yore

A pair of stereo speakers are present at the bottom of the phone, and the device itself features “Dolby Atmos,” as a surprising number of things to do. Motorola claims you can “Enjoy deeper bass and crisp, clean vocals, even when cranked up to high volumes.” Motorola isn’t lying. The speakers were tested against a wide array of music, a video with plenty of explosions, and more standard stuff like clips featuring a YouTuber talking to the camera about some mundane nonsense. It passed all of these tests with flying colors.

The speakers are very clear and can get pretty loud. They’re actually among the best built-in phone speakers on the market today. You don’t get any of that tinniness that tends to lurk in smartphone speakers, and listening to things like music for an extended period of time is far from a chore on this device. It won’t replace a good set of high-quality headphones, and cranking up the phone speakers in public is obnoxious, whatever the circumstances, but the audio on offer is among the Motorola Moto G 5G’s best features.

Many of the cheaper phones on the market also retain a couple of much-loved features that flagship devices abandoned long ago. The Motorola Moto G 5G is one of these phones, and you will find both a 3.5mm headphone jack and a space to pop in a micro SD card on this device. This can be pretty invaluable, especially if you fall in love with the phone’s camera or listen to a lot of music.

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