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Everything you need to know about Android 15, aka Vanilla Ice Cream

Android 15 will be due for a release next year, following Android 14 this fall. Because it’s so early in the development cycle, we don’t know very much, but here’s what we do know, along with what some folks think will be included.

Android 15 Release Date

Android 14 is the next Android operating system update, so Android 15 (code named Vanilla Ice Cream) won’t arrive until next year. Watch for an official mention at Google I/O 2024.

Like all Android versions, Android 15 will be available through the Android Beta program after Google makes its announcement. The update will be made available to the public sometime after that, and you’ll get a notification to download Android 15 if your phone supports it.

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimates

We expect Android 15 in late 2024, likely around August or September.

Android 15 Prices

Android updates are always free.

Android 15 Features

Our Android 14 article lists all the expected features in that version. Most, if not everything mentioned there, will carry over to Android 15. Some significant ideas include custom lock screen shortcuts, more private screen recording, and app cloning.

Since Android 14 is still in the pipeline, it makes sense that we don’t have a lot to say about what will be new in Android 15. Typical changes like performance improvements and UI and privacy tweaks are expected as usual.

One rumor we’ve seen already, reported by Android researcher Mishaal Rahman, is that Android 15 will split NFC from system updates. The idea is to speed up how fast Google can patch problems related to the NFC stack, allowing these updates to come through the Play Store.

If rumors about the Google AirTag alternative are real, Android 15 could introduce the necessary software for finding the tracker. It’s unclear when or if that tracker will be released, but it wasn’t mentioned at Google I/O 2023, so we could see it launch next year in time for Android 15.

Many changes can happen between now and Android 15’s release, so anything sounds plausible, like this concept piece for the Android 15 notification panel.

Of course, we’ll know more after the 2023 update is fully available. Check back for updates!

The Latest News About Android 15

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