Lost at Sea, Found On Instagram: Apple Watch Miraculously Returns To Owner In Perfect Condition

Smartwatches have become a ubiquitous gadget for many, offering an array of features such as fitness tracking, messaging and music playback. However, one of the most sought-after qualities in a smartwatch is its water resistance, which allows users to wear them while swimming or participating in water activities without fear of damage.

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While some companies claim their watches can withstand water, some live up to those promises. Nevertheless, the Apple Watch has proven to be an exception, as it not only excels in health tracking but can also survive extended periods underwater. A remarkable example of this is the story of a man who lost his Apple Watch at sea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but was able to recover it using the Find My app.

A report from the Brazilian website R1 reveals how an Apple Watch user named Roch misplaced his smartwatch during his tour in Buzio while swimming. According to the owner, his Apple Watch’s strap slipped from his wrist during underwater swimming. The report suggests that he tried finding the Watch, but he was unable to find it, but then he used some technical common sense and tried locating the Apple Watch with the Find My app, and he got it.

Yes! You read it correctly, Roach spotted the Watch lying underwater. Despite the fact that the Apple Watch had stopped functioning, Rocha received a notification via the Find My app indicating that the Watch had been powered on. Rocha took action by activating the Lost Mode and inputting some personal information. As a result, he received a message via Instagram from a 16-year-old girl who claimed to have found the Watch.

A 50-year-old diver named Fiho has found the fitness tracker. He usually collects lost items and returns them to their owners. The report reveals that Fiho told them he was amazed when the Apple Watch came back to life after plugging into a charger; he was not expecting that. The Watch was successfully handed over to Rosh in working condition even after being in the sea for a couple of days.

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