I played an iPhone game powered by ChatGPT, and I’m worried how AI could be used by others

I open the shutters to my office window, the wind outside blowing through the synthetic trees lining the streets below. I should’ve known she’d come to me. After all this time, she still can’t stop herself from finding trouble. Or maybe it’s trouble that keeps finding her… either way, I’m the one who has to get her out of it. She climbs from the hovercar outside, holding her hat as she enters my building. What will it be this time…

The rundown

title: The Andromeda Mysteries
Publishers: Cephalopod Studio
Release Dates: April 05, 2023
Platforms: iPads, iPhones

A good whodunnit is filled with mystery. Interesting locations, curious characters, and detailed environments. More than just guessing games, they are deeply human stories that are supposed to put you in the shoes of someone with a very important job to do – solve a crime. The characters at the center of those stories are one of the most important parts of the mystery, be they believable real-life people, or sci-fi caricatures that play on different story tropes.

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