Google rolls out latest Android Auto update with new changes: All the details

Google has already started the wider rollout of the latest Android Auto updates (version 8.7). This new update has brought in several changes to the Google app that help users to mirror features of an Androids device (like a smartphone) on a car’s dashboard. The most notable change in the latest version of Android Auto is the removal of the “Wireless Android Auto” toggle. This button allowed users to turn off Android Auto wireless. Apart from this, Google has also renamed the “Silent Notifications” option in Android Auto’s settings to “Play Conversation Chime”. Here are all the details about the changes that have arrived on Android Auto:
Wireless Android Auto: What has changed
Android Auto has supported wireless connections for some time now. However, Google recently made this feature widely available for all users. Android Auto 8.7 has removed the “Wireless Android Auto” button which was available under the “System” section in the settings menu. According to a report by 9to5Google, this change is also visible on Android Auto 8.8, which is available to select beta testers.
Earlier, in many cases, Google used to keep this toggle disabled by default. This forced users to navigate the settings menu to use wireless adapters for Android Auto. With this new update, Google will leave this button on by default. However, after updating Android Auto, users won’t be able to turn off the functionality.
This change might seem like a minor one, but it can be frustrating for users if they want to turn off the functionality on one device and connect to another device. For such situations, there is a temporary workaround. While the other device is connecting, users must turn off the Bluetooth on the primary device or can briefly activate airplane mode for the same.

Google’s decision to remove the toggle for wireless Android Auto may lead to less confusion among users. It is important to note that a toggle to turn off wireless Android Auto is still available in the developer settings. End users can also access the developer settings by repeatedly tapping the version number.
Other changes in Android Auto
Apart from removing the Wireless Android Auto button, Google has renamed the “Silent Notifications” option in the settings menu to Play Conversation Chime”. The company has also ditched the option that shows the “first line of incoming messages” when the vehicle has stopped. This functionality has now been included in “Coolwalk” by default.
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