CBS Mornings Deals: This on-sale kitchen gadget can turn your pan into a makeshift air fryer

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Water Whirl Crisper

This week on “CBS Mornings,” lifestyle expert Gayle Bass shared a number of new deals, including an air frying kitchen gadget for 45% off. Discover this week’s exclusive deals below and visit or text “CBS” to 65000 to take advantage of them today.

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Water Whirl Crisper Lid

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Water Whirl Crisper

The Air Whirl Crisper’s turbo fan can circulate air, creating a swirling hot convection oven inside your pots and pan. It features a built-in thermometer and an expandable crisping tray. Air Whirl can work on most stovetops with most pots or pans.

The kitchen gadget is 45% off now.

Air Whirl Crisper Lid, $33 (regularly $60)


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This five-port charger includes a 5W wireless charging pad, four USB ports and a Type-C power delivery port. It can charge up to six devices at once, while utilizing one outlet. This on-sale bundle includes five USB cables in three different types.

ChargeHub, $12 and up (regularly $20 and up)

Jiggy Puzzles

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Jiggy Puzzles

This female-founded puzzle company creates puzzles that feature art by female artists. The set includes puzzle glue. Use with caution.

These puzzles are up to 25% off now.

Jiggy Puzzles, $22 and up (regularly $29 and up)

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