Backbone iPhone And Android Controllers On Sale For Prime Day

The Backbone One controller, the custom snap-on controller built to make gaming on your mobile devices a breeze, has gotten a significant discount for Amazon Prime Day. The Android version of the controller was already down to $70, regularly $100, for both the PS5 and Xbox edition styles. Amazon has also since added the iPhone version as a lightning deal at the same price.

The Backbone One uses a spring-loaded mechanism to fit snugly around your phone, turning it into a Switch-like device with the full array of physical buttons. It also features its own custom app to give your gaming a unified interface that feels similar to the home screen on your Switch or Steam Deck. The PlayStation edition is built to look right at home next to a PS5 DualSense, while the Xbox version is modeled after a black Xbox controller.

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We were impressed with the Backbone functionality on iPhone in our Backbone One review. The form and functionality of the Android version is almost identical.

“Games have sat unplayed on my phone for months because docking and syncing a game controller felt like a hassle,” I wrote at the time. “Backbone makes it simple, elegant, and unified.”

You can find great deals on lots of other games, tech, accessories, and more at Prime Day, both at Amazon itself and at its many competitors that have started offering their own annual sales around Prime Day. Be sure to check out our roundup of the best Prime Day deals for more details.

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