A trio of Corsair peripherals are 50% off at their US store

A trio of Corsair peripherals has gone on a flash sale at the company’s US web store, making it a nice time to pick up a matching all-Corsair setup for about 50% off. There are three items included; the HS65 headset, the Saber RGB Pro Champion Series mouse and the K70 Mini Wireless 60% mechanical keyboard. I’ve tested all but the keyboard, and they’re fantastic pieces of kit – and now at surprisingly low prices.

Let’s quickly look at each of these items in turn. the K70 Pro Mini Wireless is a 60% board, so it offers the smallest really usable layout – making it ideal for maximizing the space provided for your mouse while maintaining good ergonomics. I love these little keyboards for stashing in bags to use with laptops when I’m traveling or to LAN parties, and they just look cool and compact too. The smaller the key count makes them worse for some tasks, such as accounting or programming that requires some of the buttons that have been delegated to the function layer, but for everyday use these boards are surprisingly functional. With Cherry MX Red switches, you’ll get a soft, linear feel that provides subtle feedback and allows for quick actuation. It’s a good choice in terms of noise too, compared to tactile or clicky options that ring out more across a room. Overall, a nice piece of kit for $100, especially given its wireless capabilities.

Next up we have the Saber RGB Pro Champion Series. I’m a big fan of this mouse, as it offers an ultralight design without the holey chassis often used in this category. The lighter weight makes it easier to move and stop the mouse, enhancing accuracy, and it’s well worth trying if you haven’t already.

Finally, we’ve got the HS65 Surround. This is a wired USB headset with surround sound capabilities, hence the name, but I like it for its comfortable design, excellent durability and high-quality microphone. It looks pretty cool in white too, although this can sometimes require more cleaning than matte black alternatives. Regardless, for the money it’s a great option.

There are other deals on the Corsair store to be found too, including on the massive Xeneon Flex monitor, keycap sets and more, so do check out the full array of discounted items.

I think that’s just about what it does, so thanks for joining me and let me know if you have any questions!

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